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Get to Know:
Jennifer Swindell


Name: Jennifer Swindell

City of residence: Eagle

Home Club: Terrace Lakes Golf Course

Profession: Journalist

Volunteer and committee involvement: Board of Directors for the Idaho Golf Association.


A band that Jennifer listens to: Hozier

First car: Dodge Colt and it was stolen from my driveway when I left the keys in it. Lesson learned.

Favorite book: “The Personal Memoirs of U.S Grant” or “Green Eggs and Ham” by Dr. Seuss

Guilty-pleasure food: Nachos

Favorite non-golf item: My dog Henry

One piece of technology Jennifer can’t live without: iPhone

Favorite quote: Never love anything that can’t love you back.

If Jennifer couldn’t do what she does now as a profession, she would be a: Dog Whisperer

Greatest pride: Starting IdahoEdNews.org, an independent news site devoted to covering Idaho education news.

Most-visited website that’s not work-related: Facebook


Has golfed for: 20 years and wish I would have learned when I was young.

Favorite Tour player: Dustin Johnson

What part of the game of golf needs to change: You only get one practice swing.


Jennifer's dog, Henry

Jennifer’s dog, Henry.


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