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Course Rating

The Idaho Golf Association provides course measuring and rating services to member and non-member clubs on a periodic basis. The goal of the IGA is to rate each member course every ten years. New clubs (those that have been in existence for less than ten years) or clubs that have undergone a renovation will be rated on a more frequent basis.

Volunteering and Course Rating Seminars

Interested in learning about the process of a course rating? There’s a lot more to a rating then what might think. Contact Caleb Cox for further information at ccox@theiga.org or (208)342-4442 x 105.

IGA Course Rating Review Committee 

  • Jim Swartley (Chair)
  • John Haskell
  • Russ Peterson
  • Larry Kirk
  • Bruce Martini
  • Kitty Roberts
  • Caleb Cox

All Course Ratings are reviewed by the Course Rating Review Committee. The Review Committee is in charge of checking all calculations for accuracy, and giving the final recommendations as to whether a rating should be approved or a re-rating should be issued.

10 Basic Rules for Course Rating Teams

  • The rating must be composed of a minimum of three trained and experienced raters, with one designated as the team leader. The team leader must have attended a course rating seminar conducted by the USGA.
  • Do not serve as a team member when your home course is being rated.
  • Do not play the course while rating it. Shots may be hit from various positions when rating to assist evaluations .
  • View each holes from the teeing ground, the landing zones of a scratch and bogey golfers, and the green.
  • Rate the obstacles in accordance with the guidelines established in “The USGA Course Rating System Guide,”not based on how you would play the hole.
  • Do not discuss obstacle values while evaluating a hole. Values should be discussed with the team leader after each team member has completed rating a hole. The Green Target may be agreed upon before rating the other obstacles.
  • Do not record obstacle values on Form 1 until the hole has been evaluated from all positions.
  • Attempt to agree with one unit on the rating of each obstacle. The team leader has the responsibility of ensuring that the team members reach an agreement. The leader’s decision is final.
  • Take about four hours to rate an average 18-hole course.
  • Do not divulge the course rating results to a club. Ratings are subject to review by a Course Rating Review Committee before the ratings are final.



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