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How Do I Establish a Handicap Index?

I am new to the whole handicap thing, and I am just trying to figure out where to start!


  1. In order to establish a handicap index, you must join what the USGA calls a club. What does that mean? Take a look at the following courses you can join, and that will get you started in the right direction: click here. OR we have a handful of clubs that allow you to register for your membership online though the IGA Website. Click here to join. 
  2. Often times, once you join a club you will join their Men’s or Women’s Association. This includes access to their tournament calendar, league schedule, or club championship. If you are not interested in the following, just ask the club if you can join without participating in the Men’s or Women’s Association. 
  3. Once you receive your GHIN number, you will be able to start recording scores. You will need at least five 18-hole scores in order to establish an index. It can also be a combination of 9-hole scores too.


If you have anymore questions about establishing a handicap, please contact Caleb Cox at ccox@theiga.org or 208-342-4442 x 105.


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