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Championship Volunteers

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How Do I Volunteer For Championships?

The IGA conducts a volunteer meeting in the Spring of each championship season, and anyone interested in volunteering is invited. At the volunteer meeting, the IGA will conduct a brief overview about the different assignments available. 

Player Registration
Greet and welcome participants to championship and distribute the player packets.
A “forecaddie” is one who is employed by the Committee to indicate to players the position of balls during play.
Pace of Play Monitor
Checkpoints are positioned near the 4th, 9th, 13th, and 18th greenside to monitor the finishing times of each group. The Checkpoint Official will report to the Committee when a group has missed their expected finish. Often times, your duty will also include recording scores for live scoring.
The starter issues each player a copy of the Notice to Players and Hole Location Sheet, and calls to the attention to any conditions not contained in the Notice to Players.
Scoring Area Official
The routine for the official in the scorer’s tent should be as follows: (a) Ask each competitor to check his scores hole by hole. (b) Make certain that both the competitor and his marker have signed each score card. (c) Suggest to competitors that they wait at the reception table until the official checks the score cards. (d) Ask competitors if there are any Rules questions or if a second ball was played under Rule 3-3 or Rule 20-7c. Rule 6-6. If there are questions, you will call an IGA Referee over to the scoring area


If you think you are interested in volunteering for the Idaho Golf Association and USGA qualifiers, please contact Genger Fahleson at gfahleson@theiga.org.


Why should I volunteer for the IGA you ask?
10 Gets you out of the house (or away from the office)
9 You get to be outside (at a golf course) working on grass that somebody else mows
8 Expand your circle of acquaintances
7 You might make a new friend or two
6 You get to watch some of the best golf talent in Idaho
5 You get a great deal on an IGA shirt and cap
4 You get free lunch every time you volunteer
3 You get to carry and use an IGA radio and/or tablet
2 You get to pick which events you work and the time frame

If you know of someone who might be interested in volunteering at IGA competitions…bring them along (it’s always more fun with a buddy).

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How Do I Become a Rules Official?

 Interested in becoming a Rules Official? Contact Genger Fahleson, Executive Director gfahleson@theiga.org . 

View the 2015 PGA-USGA Workshops on the Rules of Golf.

The IGA also conducts three Rules of Golf Seminars in the Spring.

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